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2007 Autumn Meet at Ravenstor Youth Hostel

2007 Autumn Meet at Ravenstor Youth Hostel
Click here to see photos taken of Saturday ‘A’ ride taken by Simeon Orme
Click here to see photos taken of Saturday ‘B’ ride by John Kemp.
Click here to see photos taken of Sunday ride by John Kemp.
About the Youth Hostel
Address: Ravenstor Youth Hostel, Millers Dale, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 8SS
Phone Number: 0845 371 9655
Website: http://www.yha.org.uk/hostel/ravenstor.
Report of Saturday ‘B’ ride by John Kemp
Owing to a ham string strain I decided to change my plans and opt for a route which did not involve a big climb. I was surprised to find that 9
other riders decided to accompany me. After a brief stop in Tideswell we climbed through Great Hucklow in low cloud and mist to pass Bretton
YH and along the rough track over William Hill. From here it was a joy to make the descent to Grindleford, for I had only climbed/walked this hill
before. We stopped for lunch at the Station Café - an amazing value for money place - catering for cyclists, walkers, climbers and other odds and
sods. After lunch we passed through Hassop to take a bridleway riding through a ford and woods before reaching the outskirts of Bakewell. We (
or at least I ) had difficulty getting down the steps on to the old railway forming the Monsal Trail before continuing to the Country Bookstore for
coffee. Returning through Monsal Head we took the ever delightful track through Water-cum-Jolly to Litton Mill and climbed the track through the
trees to the hostel where we found the “A team” back before us.  We had done 25 miles of mixed terrain on a day only marred by mist obscuring
what would have been tremendous views.

Report of the weekend by Steve Griffith

This was second of our new style Autumn Meets, encouraging as many people as possible to enjoy some riding, as well as attending and
contributing to the committee meeting in a fairly central location. Attendance was excellent, with just under 30 there and ages ranged from 10 to

I think it fair to say that no one would rank the Peak District as his or her favourite touring area. Nevertheless many of us were pleasantly surprise
by the scenery, and especially the spectacular location of Ravenstor Youth Hostel high in Millers Dale looking down to Monsal Head.

John Kemp gave us the benefit of his local knowledge with a well-planned ride which went roughly in a clockwise semi-circle north of the hostel.
Out via Tideswell, morning coffee and large cakes at Hope, and then high on a dirt road over to Bretton and lunch at Eyam. Weather was
overcast but OK, fairly typical for the area. The return was via Great Longstone where we raided a roadside stall selling jams, cakes etc for
charity. Coming back to the hostel from Monsal Head via the river at Litton was a spectacular and easy return.

The main subject for the committee meeting was the continuing decline in membership (we have lost about 45% in 15 years). It was very pleasing
that virtually everyone attending made a contribution. Some good ideals were agreed  including:
Some changes to the Rough-Stuff Journal pages 2/3 making the magazine more appealing to people new to the club cycling.
Review of our publicity in some new magazines to trail advertising eg Manchester CTC magazine.
Encouraging local groups, especially in Yorkshire where, until few years ago we had several very active groups.
Better use of the websites to attract people, eg a Sales page and a more attention grabbing first page.
Making it easier for people to join, ie members collecting the money and sending off the form

If anyone has any other ideas then don’t hesitate to let any of the officials know. Also if anyone is interested in joining the committee then please
contact myself.

Other business: the Merit Shield was awarded to John Kemp for his work in setting up the Northern Peak and South Pennines Group. Frank
Brierly will act as Photo Competion Judge.

It was agreed that locations like Ravenstor are ideal. Good area for rides and fairly easy travelling for the majority.

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